Hi! My name is Sylvia, mother of two (now 2 and 5 yrs old), part-time job beautician.

I started lifting weights for the very first time in my life in Feb 2017.
Wanted to lose my baby weight when my bub was about 8 months old and did everything for it. Also got an idea to compete as I had an idol when I was little to make my dream to come true.

In 2017 before Alice, I couldn’t find any coach in small town and always thought I can do it by myself, just eat right and train whatever. LoL

Hmmmm is not as easy as is seems to be. It’s a lot about science, the body genetics and we are all different.

So I have done one comp in 2017 before I met Alice for the bikini category and haven’t had any coach before, only a nutritionist who gave me just a meal plan for nearly 3 months, no check-ins, how I go thru, etc, etc, etc. just the meal plan and that’s all . All went well but she didn’t know how much I train and what exactly I do at the gym. So those 2 things train and food needs to match and count them both in to achieve the result we really want to have! I was on very little about of carbs and too much meat. Just imagine beef for breakfast made me vomit!

I thought that’s normal as I never ever been on any diet in my life. That was my first diet in my life so why not to try what my nutritionist said to me?

Great! 2018 with Alice

I started with Alice after my first comp when I decided to go to the next level and I really want to try different category and do it right this time!

As I didn’t like bikini category at all. As my dream was fitness and see some muscles. Not too much muscles but don’t want to be too soft as a beach-barbie body.

Alice is very knowledgeable and she knows what she is doing. Very quick she gets what I want to say and she is very punctual with her time management. I like that!

Posing classes are very important too for stage competition to present myself and show what’s the best of me. What we worked hard on. Alice can able to change the food if you do not like it, going out, etc…

I have found Alice in a seminar where one girl from our town was telling about Alice and then my PT was telling me about Alice too. (Yes I had a PT 10 sessions in my life before Alice)

So well I want to do it and I want to do it right! So I know I’m capable do to 101% and all my energy I don’t want to waste for something that I don’t know what I’m doing and where I’m getting…. as the food is expensive too tight!

The questions before I met Alice were, “Am I doing right?” Cardio, weights, training, food, supplements!!! So many new, new things.

Imagine a Rubik cube you have in your hand and you know you need to put all the different colours on each side, but you don’t know how to do it, just you know it’s possible! So that’s how I felt.

No one could answer me those questions, so NOW I have Alice and she can answer them all for me.

I’m happy I had achieved what I wanted for such a short time. We started with Alice 9th of January 2018 and comp for sports model category was the same year in May.

My issue was to build up more body mass and more and more…

With Alice’s online training, it was easier, as I knew I’m doing the right thing and she could build up a meal plan and training plan that suits only for me.

As I’m new to this, it takes me a bit to find exercises in the online library but more important is I’m improving each time in the gym.

(ex. I didn’t even know what are flies, deadlift, Bulgarian, etc… when I started with many girls. I hope needed find a night before I went to the gym)

Very hard work but very easy in my mind as I know I’m doing it right and doing it 100% with Alice’s help and I will get there where I want to be and eat a good stuff!

Very important to me is to know I’m doing it right! Just can’t see the result next day. Step by step and we did it well.

Placed 5, 4, 5 in sports model after 2 kids. I’m proud of myself as it wasn’t easy. Never did weights before and there were girls who don’t have any kids.

Bonus, 2nd in Fitness. Just a dream!