stacey - lifestyle client testimonial

Baby #3 at 37+4 weeks.. what an amazing journey this has been so far! As with my previous pregnancies I have been extremely blessed to be a low risk pregnancy but some things I did differently this time around.. I had the guidance of an amazing coach Jess Hull from Team Round who catered my training and nutrition around all 3 trimesters of my pregnancy.

Jess was amazing, we had a plan in place to stay healthy and active the whole way through. Here I am still continuing to train at home and walk regularly.. this in turn has helped me keep some strength ready for birth (also kept my body pain-free) but also be able to come back postpartum to run around after the 3 babies.

Jess was so supportive and understanding and made changes to programs and gave me the best advice to keep me accountable and motivated towards my pregnancy goals.

This pregnancy I have had loads of energy and have felt fit and healthy! Loved the support and check in especially when you are pregnant it was so nice to be looked after when you have a little clan that needs you on all the time. Thanks coach Jess and Team Round. ♥️♥️♥️

Stacey, Team Round Lifestyle Client