Want to learn the secret to fat loss and muscle growth? Stop yo-yoing, start getting results and learn how to maintain them.

This eBook has helped keep bodybuilders, fitness models and athletes in peak condition. You too, can achieve your dream body.

Understanding Nutritional Guidelines for Fat Loss, Muscle Stimulation and A Healthy Metabolism addresses a number of topical issues in the health and fitness industry setting the record straight. Fad diets are all the rage and people struggle to maintain consistent results. Why is this? Yo-yo dieting… and I’ll tell you how to beat it with two phases; fat loss and maintenance.

What happens when you finish your “diet”? Go back to eating “normally”? Perhaps you even gain a little weight. Sound all too familiar doesn’t it? You know why? Your metabolism has taken a beating and the diets conveniently forget the importance of elevating macronutrients/calories back to a level where you can maintain a lean physique.

So… how will this eBook help me?

This 40+ page booklet will assist you to either:

  • Lose Fat and get lean
  • Maintain lean mass and low body fat level
  • Gain lean mass without gaining excessive fat mass

The eBook is flexible enough to accommodate your goals allowing you to make macronutrient changes as your body responds and your goals change. This means the information inside the eBook can be applied all year round to suit your physique and lifestyle goals.

What are these MACROS people are talking about?

The booklet will teach you the basic understanding of macronutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and further break them down into micronutrients. This eBook touches on the role of alcohol and different types of macronutrients ingested (e.g. low vs. high carbohydrate foods). It’s all well and good to hit your macros targets and yes, you can achieve your dream body following If It Fits Your Macros but to ensure overall health and vitality,  it’s important to focus on your micronutrient intake. This eBook demonstrates the top 10 micronutrients you should aim to get into your weekly diet and natural supplements that may assist fat loss, muscle growth, digestive health, energy levels and overall health.

What else is included?

  • Meal Plan Templates
    – Includes example menu plans
  • Fat loss Targets
  • Dieting
    – Reverse dieting
    – Tips to aid fat loss other than dieting
    – Why diets fails and aid long term weight gain
  • Top tips to aid fat loss other than diet
  • Carbohydrates
    – Best choices
    – Meal timing
    – Meal tips
  • Fats explained
    – Different types of fats
    – Essential fats
  • Macros
    – How to determine macros for your body and your goals
  • Metabolism
    – A guide to understanding basic metabolism
  • Nutrients
    – Introduction to Macronutrients
    – Introduction to Micronutrients
  • Protein
    – Different types
    – The best sources
  • Recipes
  • Training  & Lifestyle Tips
    – How to set goals
    – How to stay on track
    – Tips for dining and eating when you’re out, on the go and traveling
    – Useful links