S2- EP 18: Competing in the IFBB for females, everything you need to know from the judges

Episode 18 we discuss everything IFBB for females. We say all female categories as we are talking bikini, figure & physique for females and the judging criteria. Also posing, symmetry, presentation, do and do not’s of getting on stage. Off season tips and dieting advice for newbies. Special guests, Summer Bernard and Emilie Jean Bisgrove IFBB Australia Pro League State and National judges and your co-host Alice Round


S2 EP 17- Joseph Mencel Unleashing a Winning Mindset

Episode 17 chats with Entrepreneur, Massive Joe’s CEO/IFBB Mens Physique Pro & Show Promoter Joseph Mencel. About everything from business start up to competing in bodybuilding and life goals and planning.
Joe gives great insight into his thought process behind touch decision making. Also how to be more efficient and productive and how to really show to to win every single day of your lives.
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Your Hosts: @mclaneytrained @aliround


S2 EP 16- Setting your 2019 up for WINS, goal setting & reflection with your hosts

Episode 16 your hosts Sean & Alice will discuss goal setting for 2019, setting SMARTER goals, not just SMART but smarter. Also touching on reflection on 2018 and how important reflection is in the pursuit of forward progress. Why some people get results & others don’t and how to overcome past failure in order to succeed and set up your year for results.
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