Episode 22: Evidence based nutrition and calling out industry gimps with Martin McDonald

A hilarious interview with guest Martin MacDonald from MAC nutrition on correcting nutrition and miss information and talking everything from nutritional courses to fitness industry BS and everything in between.
Martin is a world leader in the online nutrition coaching space and has over 13 years of industry experience. Find martin @martinnutrition or #macnutritionuni

Episode 21: What is the BEST dieting/nutritional approach for YOU?

Your hosts Alice Round & Sean McLaney discuss Meal Plans, Flexible Dieting, IIFYM and everything in between in terms to the approach you take to nutrition for optimal results. 
We delve into the pros and cons of varied methods so that it can help you understand what would be the best fit for YOU specifically and give you a bit of insight into also improving your relationship with food in the process. Questions info@aliceround.com

S2- EP 18: Competing in the IFBB for females, everything you need to know from the judges

Episode 18 we discuss everything IFBB for females. We say all female categories as we are talking bikini, figure & physique for females and the judging criteria. Also posing, symmetry, presentation, do and do not’s of getting on stage. Off season tips and dieting advice for newbies. Special guests, Summer Bernard and Emilie Jean Bisgrove IFBB Australia Pro League State and National judges and your co-host Alice Round