I began working with Alice in August 2016 initially as a lifestyle client. I had previously been working with 2 coaches but did not have a great experience with either – restrictive meal plans, low calories, unnecessary expensive supplements. I began educating myself on how destructive this was and did my research on my coaching options. What drew me to Alice is just how real and honest she is. Also, I had a look at a few of her Team Round clients and noticed how HAPPY and HEALTHY they were.

After spending a full year with Alice reversing my calories up and making some solid gains in a surplus, I decided it was the right time to compete. I’ve always had an interest in competing but I knew I only wanted to prep with the right coach.

Throughout my prep, Alice was always so quick to respond to check-ins and was always easily accessible via email or phone for any urgent questions. She always gave me detailed answers to any questions I had which I really appreciated because having a good understanding of why we were doing certain techniques made the process a lot easier to adhere to. It was always clear to me that Alice genuinely cared about me doing well in my competition and getting me to the stage in the healthiest way possible.

People always ask me if it’s hard to work with a coach online but I can honestly say Alice really does go above and beyond for her clients. She came along to my bikini fitting to help me choose a suit which suited my figure/colouring (which is so important in the bikini division!), she arranged a phone call so we could discuss what makeup/hair options would suit me for my competition, and continuously gave me feedback on my posing. Many coaches don’t even discuss the above factors with you, and competing in bikini is about bringing the whole package to the stage so they are absolutely crucial!

I have absolutely loved being coached by Alice and overall I have had a great experience competing. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Alice in my off season and I really value her opinion and her input. I feel comfortable being honest with her and she always takes into account my views and opinions. I am very thankful to be a part of Alice’s team and I would recommend her to anyone thinking of competing because I know they will be taken care of, educated properly and treated right.