Training and nutrition has been in my blood since I was born.

For years I longed for ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS to help me really hit my fitness goals, but was often left confused and concerned with how I was going to get there. There is so much misinformation in the fitness community, so over the years I decided to make it my goal to clear up some questions for not only myself, but others out there on their own fitness journey. So I started studying…and I am now a qualified Exercise Sport Scientist, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer.  Really believing in education and providing the RIGHT, scientific and factual information to clients and the public.

This industry for me is really about seeing my clients transform over anything else, and knowing that they are doing it the right way and with the right science behind it. Also really wanting to EMPOWER other trainers to spread positive messages and educated knowledge to the public.

I truly believe in education and giving people the right tools for getting the best results. Health and fitness for me is not just a stage, or a competition date…but something I want to live and breathe year-round. It is my lifestyle, and it is my life.

Empowering women in particular to enjoy lifting weights, or to find any form of exercise that makes them happy. Wanting to help them understand that nutrition and supplementation can assist the process.

As a coach I want to also reach peoples lifestyles. Taking a holistic approach to training, nutrition and life for each individual: hormones, stress levels, family life, jobs, commitments, passion, goal setting, body image, eating habits and patterns and so much more to generate the right plan for that person.

Everyone has the potential to get amazing results, but they need to have the RIGHT plan and RIGHT mindset to do so and thus the right coach to assist them on their journey. They need someone who believes in them…and that is what I aim to build in my clients.


I’ve been working as a personal trainer now for over 10 years and I have a client base both online and in the gym setting at Revo Fitness Scarborough. I also regularly run large training camps, retreats and seminars on training and nutrition in WA.

My main goal as a coach and mentor is to not only make people believe in their ability to change physically but MENTALLY. I believe you need to change from within to achieve better and long term results on the outside.


  • Bachelor of Science – Exercise Sport Science (Nutrition Major) – Edith Cowan University

  • Masters in Dietetics (current) – Edith Cowan University
Certificate III & IV – Sport and Recreation Management


  • 2000-2011 – Australian National Sprinter 200m/400m national champion and state record holder

  • 2012 – began bodybuilding and had success in the below shows:

    INBA fitness model 1st place WA
    Nationals 5th place
    NABBA/WFF fitness model 1st place
    WA 2nd place nationals
    Season B- IFBB Omara classic 3rd place

    Fit x IFBB 1stPlace
    Perth March Omara Classic 2nd place
    Ukraine World Championships 8th place
    Perth October Omara classic 1st place

    Perth October Omara Classic 1st place,
    Canada world championships IFBB 7th place
    Carol Graham all females Sydney 1st place July

  • 2012 – Began writing for the WA mind and body section.

  • 2014 – first article feature in women’s health and fitness magazine

  • 2015 – feature in men’s health and fitness magazine


I often get asked WHY I became a coach…
To be honest, I never dreamed I would be….

I’ve spent my early twenties struggling with an eating disorder. I remember feeling lost, confused and not knowing how to recover or move forward. I remember being bombarded with social media posts telling me how I should look, what I should do… yet nothing stuck, nothing helped. Ultimately, I was unhappy and a shell of the woman I could be.

Fast forward a few years, I got myself an amazing coach (Alice) and she pushed me to learn about nutrition, training and also addressed mindsets that had been holding me back for so many years. I became confident, found my voice again, started to set and achieve goals in all areas of life.  Developing an eagerness to further my knowledge and a love of training!

The end result saw me leave my comfortable career, get a formal qualification and from there, a deep passion ignited in me to help other women. To become educated myself to help bring about change, because all around me, I saw women who were suffering as I once was and that is not a way to live.

Being an empowering woman, I am privileged to be a part of a community where that is what we are all about.

Not only do I love to see our clients achieve results when it comes to training and body composition goals, but ultimately my goal as a coach is see clients become educated, confident and realise their self-worth. Just like the team round motto says, I want to see our clients “find their strong”, whatever that looks like for THEM.

There is so much more to health and fitness than weight loss or being “lean”. Seeing our clients develop mental resilience, learning how to set them selves goals, understanding nutrition, how to train in alignment with their goals and no longer fall prey to all the unhealthy, unsustainable options that flood the market and their news streams daily… To me, that’s true progress and that is what being a coach is all about. I want to help bring about change that will LAST!


Personal training has been my full time job now for over 2 years operating both online & from Surge Fitness Perth, with an online client base under the Team Round banner focusing on lifestyle packages encompassing both training and nutritional components. I’ve have taken part in various team round based events, retreats & seminars. I do believe as coaches our knowledge should always be advancing and plan to continue studying throughout the coming year.


  • Cert III & Cert IV fitness

  • Lv 2 kettlebell accreditation

  • 4 years hands on PT experience


  • Senior Breakthrough coach

  • Lifestyle coaching specialist

  • Body recomp coach