Leg Day Gains using Compound Sets

Compound exercises are a way of shortening your time in the gym and also increasing blood flow to the targeted muscle group = #gains!

I used a combination of only 4 movements for sets sets on each for my fast leg day set.

Watch the video to see the compounds chosen and also some solid finishers for training with variations of drop sets explained.

In this workout you will not only see some compound sets at place but also Sean running us through some mechanical drop sets.

Mechanical drop sets being a way of keeping volume and reps high whilst changing the angle or moment arm of the exercise to allow you to keep going for longer = amazing for hypertrophy on a lagging body part.

Weighted drop sets which was part of my sessions is simply keeping the exercise the same but reducing the load used as your fatigue, also another great tool for increasing overall volume or extending the length of a set.

We recommend using sparingly and not for the novice.

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Have a strong day!