I started coaching with Alice just under 2 years ago as a lifestyle client.

I had just finished my cert 3 & 4 as a personal trainer but was stuck in a dead-end job I hated. I just didn’t feel the confidence to switch careers. I thought why would anyone want to be coached by me, I felt I had little to offer, I was extremely shy ( to those I didn’t know ) and completely lacked any confidence in myself.

I was lost.

I had fitness goals I had no idea how to achieve. I was going around in circles and getting frustrated feeling like I was ‘sacrificing’ my social life but still not achieving what I wanted.

My nutrition was horrendous. I either starved myself, binged, ate endless bowls of oats (cause healthy right?) or drank lots of pints (I’m Irish after all) stuffed my face the next day and then felt guilty so I would starve for the week and repeat.

Two years on. I look at myself and I’m damn proud of where I am.

I just competed in my first bodybuilding show in bikini division (ICN) and I placed in all classes. I even managed a FIRST (I legit stood on the stage looked at Alice and said ‘what the f**k’)

But apart from that my reason for doing this show was to grow in confidence, to put myself out there, out of my comfort zone and to test myself, my willpower and determination. For the whole 20 weeks, I was a nervous wreck even thinking about the stage bit. I dreaded it. I really thought I would pull out and not get up on stage. But the Friday before show I got excited.

I just felt ready.

Alice had done everything she could, I trusted her and the process.

Just before stepping on stage I was excited again, I just wanted to do it.

I was the one standing beside a girl I didn’t know fixing her earring and calming her down.

Like what?

No, usually I’m the one in the corner almost passing out with nerves.

Who am I?

I got up, did it, enjoyed it and felt f**king good about myself. That was the real win for me that night not any trophies (but I like them too :))

But it wasn’t just a 20-week prep. It has 2 years of Alice growing my knowledge about nutrition and training, explaining and teaching me why we are doing what we are doing and what works for me and what doesn’t.

Over the last two years, I’ve had a lot of hard truths from Alice.

I had a tendency to feel sorry for myself if say dieting.

I may have felt I was giving 100% and not being as social as I wanted but really I could have been more social and just been smarter and tried harder.

I needed that tough love.

Without me knowing she has 100% changed my mindset.

At the beginning, I would shy away from anything related to mindset.

Not my jam I would say.

But she has for sure got a few tears out of me and made me think a little deeper about what’s going on.

I’m now in a career I love in the fitness industry and feel confident in my role and I do believe I have a lot to offer people.

I’m a working progress but I just wanna know and grow as much as I can. With Alice and the PPS crew behind me I think I can be a great coach.

The last thing I just wanna talk about community.

Being Irish I have very little friends and no family in Australia.

My friends don’t necessarily share my passion for fitness either.

I have met so many SOUND girls through the Team Round community and honestly, without them, I don’t think I could have stepped on that stage.

That support is amazing and I honestly am so grateful for it.

To sum up my babble, Alice and Team Round have changed my life and I don’t think you can put a price on that?