Kate - Breakthrough and Lifestyle

I loved my experience with the Breakthrough program, particularly over the final 8 weeks where I was coached by Demi. I had some life stuff happen and ‘fell off the wagon’ you could say, but I reach out to Demi and she was empathetic, understanding and committed to helping me see out the last eight weeks of the program. The accountability was a massive reason to why I signed up in the first place, and having a weekly check-in with Demi was very rewarding. On weeks when I nailed my workouts, nutrition and mindset, I was so excited to check-in! And if I had a week I wasn’t so proud of, Demi wouldn’t let me slip under the radar and ensured that I was accountable to her, giving feedback with empathy along with some tough love when I needed it. Kate – Breakthrough & Lifestyle

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Although I entered the program with a lot of knowledge around strength training and nutrition, I still learnt so much through the weekly videos and improved my nutrition knowledge significantly, which has given me confidence and tools to continue to make well-educated choices and making these second nature.

Lastly, the mindset lessons were fantastic. I’ve created daily habits around my mindset including my daily meditation and gratitude journalling which are part of my morning routine and although I still experience all the feelings, I have these tools to assist with identifying and self-regulating these emotions.

Kate, Team Round Breakthrough and Lifestyle Client

Coached by: Coach Demi

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