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My journey with Team Round hasn’t been your typical “weightloss” journey. I came to Team Round originally through the “Breakthrough” program, having struggled with yo-yo dieting for the best part of my adult life. When I originally started “Breakthrough”, I had grand ideas of achieving my ideal body, but I walked away with so much more. Initially, I was told that the first 8 weeks of the program were a “reverse diet” phase. I would be eating MORE and potentially could put on a small amount of weight before going into a deficit/fat loss phase. I freaked out!! However, I found that my body LOVED more food!! I actually lost centimetres and started to trust the process. I got to a point where I actually wasn’t too concerned, about the scales, or about what my “ideal body” should look like and felt comfortable in my own skin.

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About a month after finishing with Breakthrough I actually got pregnant!!! Pregnancy wasn’t an easy journey for me. I struggled with morning sickness for pretty much my whole pregnancy. I wasn’t really sick enough to take a lot of medication for it, however, I felt nauseous ALL THE TIME!! I had to eat regularly, but couldn’t stomach cooking so ate a lot of take away! I gained 18kgs over the course of my pregnancy, and was, surprisingly… OK with that. I grew a human!! I was grateful to my body for that! I got back in contact with Coach Jess when I was at a good place to start getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight (I had started getting some sleep hahaha). I had lost about 12kgs just through eating generally healthily, looking after myself, and my body generally doing its thing and going back to “normal”. Jess and I set some goals together. I wanted to lose my pregnancy weight while maintaining breastfeeding my baby. Jess suggested doing it in a slower, more gradual way, which I was happy to do, starting with a reverse diet phase. As we increased my calories, I actually dropped weight and was finding I didn’t really need to go into a “fat loss” phase (I realise I am lucky here and it’s not usual to drop weight on 2000 cals a day +). I started to have more social events come up and as I started to enjoy myself I realised, at this point in my life, enjoying this time is actually way more important than trying to be at my “ideal/perfect” weight.

Flash forward to now, I have been working with coach Jess one on one for about 3-4 months now. I am actually pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy weight (7 months pp), however, my body is definitely different and not as lean as it once was – I am totally OK with that!!! I now have the best relationship with my body/self that I have ever had. I appreciate my body for giving me my beautiful baby boy. I understand that there is so much more to life than a number on the scale/ having the ideal body! Jess has helped me with so much more than weight loss we prioritised healthy eating to support breastfeeding, and she was able to recommend foods to help when my supply dropped a bit. I think its really important for new mums to be kind to yourself!


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Appreciate this precious time in your life and enjoy it! There are so much more important things than what the scale tells you! Appreciate and love your body for the amazing thing it has given you, and, if you do want to lose your pre-pregnancy weight – get a kickass coach who will help you do it in a slow, steady and sustainable way!