Ellie Field - Comp Prep | Team Round Client Transformation

Competing has always been something I have wanted to do. I spent years and years (approx 10 years) following the sport of bodybuilding and admiring all of the competitors on stage. I looked up to the hard work, dedication and motivation that came with achieving such a stage-worthy physique and the confidence most competitors looked like they had. Ellie Field – Comp Prep

I was never in a position in my personal life where I felt worthy enough to compete. I was confined by my own self-limiting beliefs and extremely poor self-esteem and self-worth. I always told myself I was too tall, too big and too ugly to ever be able to comp prep and get on a stage.

I have been following Alice for years on social media. Alice was someone I followed in the bodybuilding industry and I loved the message and content she shared on her platforms.

I sent a coaching enquiry and had a chat with Jess – Jess was amazing and filled me with confidence when it came to my fit with Team Round. I was so excited at this point and couldn’t wait to start.

I had a really solid discussing with my now fiance about committing to a comp prep and making sure we were both on the same page as well as educating him on the financial commitment that came with prep together with the ups and downs we would probably experience while I prepped. After this, I committed 110%. I was ready mentally, physically and my relationship with food was better than ever.

I started working one on one with the head coach, Alice. We started working together in March 2019 when I returned from my trip to NZ.

From the start, Alice was open with our shared vision and outlined our strategies and her coaching style to help me achieve my goals. Alice was always realistic and I never found myself being filled with false hope.

We started reverse dieting to build my metabolism and physique to prepare myself as best we could before starting our comp diet.


Ellie Field - Comp Prep | Team Round Client Transformation

We built calories up slowly and we achieved a 2,700-maintenance calorie range and my body was thriving. I have never enjoyed a ‘diet’ and training plan as much as I did during this phase.

Alice was confident in making a call around the Federation I should compete in based on my body composition and we committed to IFBB Bikini Season A with a goal of competing at the Arnolds in March 2020.

I trusted Alice the whole time and was always more than happy to be guided by her. Not once did I doubt myself due to Alice’s confidence and no bullsh*t attitude.

Comp prep diet was over a 27 weeks period. Around six months with a few diet breaks factored in which allowed me to enjoy a family wedding and Christmas. This really, really helped me stay on track outside of my short diet breaks.

Alice was amazing in terms of providing extremely flexible plans (within realistic means) to allow me to nail my nutrition and training each week.

Alice was always free for a chat when I needed and was super helpful with my posing practice.

Comp prep was hard but at the same time, I found it easy.

I was motivated to achieve the goal and I worked with a coach who adapted to my personality and let me do the work as she knew I would.

Alice helped me achieve my goal of stepping on stage in an IFBB Bikini comp in March 2020.

I lost 14kg during prep and managed to achieve 8.4% body fat on a DEXA Scan. It was never about these numbers, but I am proud of the numbers as they reflect the hard work I applied every single day.

I couldn’t thank Alice enough for her time and dedication during the last 12 months. She was consistent and reliable even while experiencing huge changes in her own personal life! I think she even completed my check-in days after the arrival of her daughter!

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with such a talented, educated and knowledgeable coach who also trusted me to do the work and achieve the results.

Thank you so much for everything.

I have learnt so many amazing things about myself during my time with Team Round and I have smashed every single comfort zone I had and I don’t even resonate with the phrase self-limiting beliefs anymore.

I have endless amounts of self-confidence and I have truly learnt more about my body and food than I could have ever imagined.

Forever grateful for my experience.

Ellie, Team Round comp prep client

Coached by: Alice

Ellie Field – Comp Prep