Before I started with Alice I was training at a High Intensity and lifting Heavy 6 days a week if not 7 some weeks. I was eating “Clean” meaning lots of protein and veggies but my carb intake was very low.. Probably around 100g a day… On weekends I would binge and eat pretty much whatever I wanted. I have always been a small girl, I’m petite and have a good metabolism, So of course I thought I was doing everything right.. I was getting results, looking lean and getting strong.. UNTIL.. BANG my first injury… Then the second… then the horrible feeling of fatigue and unmotivated due to injuries reoccurring…. I was running my body into the ground, but my thoughts on training were simple “go hard or go home” ALL the time EVERY session 6 days a week… Eating “clean” on around 1200 calories a day!!

Then I met Alice!! or Mumma Round as we call her First thing Alice did was cut my training to 5 days per week, second my calorie intake was almost doubled!!! Yes doubled! I started counting macros and she restricted my training to certain exercises, not allowing me to do High intensity for 8 weeks… I thought I was going to die!! I was surely going to be Fat, Lose strength, lose fitness etc etc.. Cut a long story short I am so grateful to have met Alice. My whole outlook on healthy eating and fitness has changed. I now enjoy foods daily that I used to think were evil like Pasta, ice cream and bread. Alice has thought me how to include and enjoy all kinds of food in my daily diet without gaining fat. I no longer need to binge on weekends because my daily food intake is so full of variety and I can fit pretty much what I like in as long as I stick to the macros she has given me. She has educated me on nutrient timing, supplements, macros, the list just goes on. I have never in my life met someone so knowledgeable and passionate about Health and Fitness. Oh and with my worry of “losing strength” and “gaining fat” I added 15kg to my deadlift in 8 weeks.. And I have abs peeps (Eating around 1000 calories more a day than I was when I met Alice! )

I LOVE my weekly PT sessions with her, nobody can push me like she does and she knows exactly how to tweak and cue me so that my form on big lifts are perfect. She has inspired me that much that I am now in the process of completing my certificates in Fitness to become a PT. She has also helped me find the courage to finally do something I’ve always wanted t to do but was to afraid – Compete in my fist Bikini Comp! I will be prepping with Alice for this and I know I am safe in her hands and she will look after my health first before anything else. I highly recommend Alice to anyone looking to really up their game and learn a LOT about nutrition and different training methods!  Without her I would still be “recovering” from injuries and sitting here with my carrot sticks and dip as a snack!!!  😛