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Dom's box of programmes

This is a box of programs and plans from naturopaths nutritional medicine practitioners and just people who will sell you a quick fix programme. I’d say it would be about $5000+ worth of shit. I was spending $1600 every ten weeks just for the service I was on a bowel/gut cleanse I was buying shitloads of “supplements” that cost a bloody fortune to heal my gut and to become more alkaline. I was f*cking starving. My last coach changed my diet every few weeks in the end she was pushing keto I was eating so much fat and all that was happening was I having pancreatic and gallbladder pain. I told her and she said just keep going and it will go away WTF! That’s when we parted ways and I went on an epic European food bender- Pizza mainly pizza! Dominique – Lifestyle

NOW I have balance; I’m not afraid of carbs or foods classified as “bad” How good is cereal?!!! I have support and if I have issue there is always someone to talk to. I feel empowered and uplifted we celebrate the smallest wins. Jess Hull asked me is there anything we could do better? The only time I would leave the Team Round Family would be if I was hot tied and dragged out by my hair and even then I’d be back like bathroom mould.

Dom, Team Round lifestyle client

Coached by: Jess

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Dominique – Lifestyle