I started training with Alice roughly two years ago. I had been doing various training prior starting with crossfit and then being coached in strength and conditioning. I had come from a place where I just wasn’t compatible with coaching methods and in turn, I felt like my relationship with food and how I looked were in a really poor shape. While I felt really comfortable in my training ability, I really needed guidance and knowledge when it came to what to eat and why, really turning my attitude towards food around, and in turn, my mindset.

We initially focused on creating a more knowledgeable relationship with food by understanding macros and tracking – flexible dieting was a new thing for me, previously being advised on a much stricter and restrictive way of viewing food which I see now just wasn’t compatible with how I wanted to live my life. I started seeing food as both fuel and enjoyment rather than “good” and “bad” and when practicing flexible dieting, realising you can fit in a treat, or go out for a meal without punishing yourself or binge eating everything in sight. Once this started improving, as did my overall body composition and strength, which just goes to show how inextricably linked all facets are in achieving your goals.

Once my attitude towards food was in a much better place, I made the decision to compete in a bikini competition. For me, it was a personal challenge, to get outside my comfort zone, set a goal and achieve it. It was a long prep, I wasn’t micromanaged or on strict meal plans from the get go, being my first comp experience, I really organically felt my way through it learning what worked and what didn’t through Alice’s guidance. It was hard at times, but I consistently chipped away at what needed to get done which meant making some sacrifices along the way. I got on the IFBB stage in March 2018, I wasn’t sure if I would like the stage aspect of comp, this was the most daunting aspect for me and the one thing which was going to challenge me the most. But I loved it! I didn’t place, but did make second call outs which was a goal achieved. Loving the experience we made the decision to continue on to the ICN comp in May. This time I knew what to expect, I knew how I could improve my process, and most importantly, I knew I could do it. I came away from that comp placing 1st in Bikini Novice, 1st Bikini Intermediate, 1st Bikini Open and then winning Ms Bikini Overall qualifying for the National Team where I placed 1st Bikini Novice, 1ST Bikini Open winning my Pro card and then to place 2nd in the Pro line up.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would achieve such success in my first season competing. But I did so by firstly finding a coach like Alice who knows her shit and genuinely cares for her clients wellbeing, by being a part of a supportive community both within Team Round and my friends and family and by consistently chipping away at what needed to be done with a smile on my face – this was my CHOICE after all. Times get tough, and I grinded it out, it’s all a part of the experience and what makes you grow as a person.

I am most proud of the fact I set a goal and achieved it, the mental strength, determination and consistency I developed are attributes which apply in all aspects in your life. Alice helped me, both mentally and physically, achieve my goals, and in turn, I have developed new and empowering friendships which I am so grateful for. I’m really excited to see how far I can take my competing career in the future!

  • 1st ICN Bikini Novice 2018
  • 1st ICN Bikini Intermediate 2018
  • 1st ICN Bikini Open 2018
  • Overall Ms Bikini 2018
  • 1st ICN National Bikini Novice 2018
  • 1st ICN National Bikini Open 2018
  • Bikini PRO
  • 2nd ICN National Pro 2018