Christie Lifestyle Client Testimonial

16 weeks working with Coach Jess, Christie has seen incredible results both mentally and physically. She spent 6 weeks reversing and working on habit change to prepare her for a successful fat loss phase. Then 10 weeks in a slow deficit with no cardio added until the final month.

Christie Progress Pictures

Our goal was to get results but also do what was sustainable for Christie with three young children. The plan has to work for YOU. Which is why everyone must be tested as an individual!

Christie is now entering a period of maintenance with another fat loss phase planned in a few months. We can’t wait to see what is ahead of this legend!!

12kg DOWN

Waist: 14.5cm DOWN

Belly Line: 17cm DOWN

Hip: 16 DOWN



“Being able to see results and approach my nutrition in an easy, sustainable way that was also manageable with my family life / allowed my children to be a part of my journey has been incredible.

As a mum of 3 time is seems never available. But making time to work on myself without guilt has been my biggest achievement. What I love about the coaching with Team Round is that it has helped me change my mindset for the better, understand healthier alternatives and the importance of food quality whilst incorporating things you enjoy and the benefits of exercising both mentally and physically. These things have helped me but also benefited the whole family.

Coaching with Coach Jess has been wonderful! She provides heaps of support when you need it, customized programming and nutrition for my goals and lifestyle and all presented in a way that really challenges you to take action and accountability to get to the goals you want to achieve.

The amazing coach input provided to help you improve things that will work into your lifestyle and not become a chore. With Jess, I have felt like a new woman. Able to take on any task thrown my way.”

Christie Team Round Lifestyle Client