Competition prep 10 months with Team Round how time flies! I have wanted to compete for quite some time. I just wasn’t really sure where to start, how to find a good coach. I tried a fair few online low-calorie programs. I was doing a lot of different styles of training mostly HIIT, boxing and fair bit of cardio. I wasn’t really getting anywhere where I wanted to be in fitness. I found Alice on Instagram and well, the rest is history…

At that point we decided the best decision was having a bigger off season for the IFBB pro league, building from my base, increasing calories slowly over time, gaining strength, lifting heavier. Honestly having that off season is the best thing I did and having a coach who really knows your body and cares about how your feeling the whole way is so important.

There was no rush to just get you on that stage not feeling 100% happy with the package you were presenting. I never felt like I was pushed to any extremes. The whole process was actually enjoyable. Sure times were hard when I was hungry, tired, self-doubt sometimes does creep in there but I never let it get in the way of the end goal. I can’t fault anything during my comp prep and I have heard a lot of bad experiences so I am so lucky my first time was so much fun!

I am so proud of what I achieved and the body I worked so hard for, it’s amazing to look back and realise how far you have come and all it takes is mental strength, hard work and a damn good coach! Now it’s only up from here, working on building up those weaker areas, focusing ALOT on gaining confidence on stage, I now realise that posing and stage presence is so important! I can’t wait to see what I can achieve in the next 12 months.