Six months ago, I was a little lost with my fitness goals and quite undecided as to whether or not I wanted to compete again in 2018. Things weren’t going well for me personally and I needed a goal again to realign my focus and essentially give myself a new direction and purpose outside of work.

I approached Alice one weekend, on high recommendation from my bestie, Lucinda, and had a good heart to heart with her and we agreed to prioritise glutes and shoulders (my weak points) in my training programs with the aim to compete in IFBB Season A 2019.  Within a few months, thanks to Alice’s challenging and yet clearly rewarding training programs, I had already noticed some significant growth in these areas so we agreed to shoot for an earlier goal instead and target ICN season B 2018. My partner was also competing at ICN so it made sense to comp prep together and boy did it help!!

However, this comp prep was by far the most challenging for me. If comp prep wasn’t hard enough for the average person, I also had the added burden of type one diabetes, which meant a fine balancing act between blood sugars, exercise and food consumption. Additionally, I had a few other health problems 5-6 weeks out from comp which also hindered my preparation. All I can say is thank God I had an amazing support crew around me, including my partner, coach and all the Team Round girls.

As many coaches and health professionals stress, nutrition plays such a pivotal role in your health and well being, especially for a comp prep client. Alice’s macronutrient timing was so specific for each meal each day and it clearly paid off! I have no doubt I through a few extra challenges as her as a diabetic client and she still managed to nail the macronutrient timing so as to prevent hypo and hyperglycaemia as much as possible. I can’t stress enough how important it is to choose a coach who has studied appropriate nutritional courses as well, like Alice to receive optimal advice and enable you to achieve your best!

I am proud to say as a diabetic who endured a stupidly rocky comp prep, I still managed to WIN sports model novice at ICN and also receive a 4th place in sports model 30+.

It was an honour to be a client of yours and I couldn’t be more thankful for your passionate, flexible and empathetic approach towards my comp prep. You not only helped me battle the massive curve balls I had to face but genuinely cared and followed up daily in the tougher times, so from the bottom of my heart, I thank you dearly and would recommend you to anyone and everyone.

Alicia xxx